American Standard Site Redesign

American Standard Site Redesign

Celebrate the Indoors

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has been around for over 130 years, and wanted to update their site to reflect their evolving brand vision and position.

Rather than just selling HVAC systems and components, American Standard helps families Celebrate the Indoors and all the special moments that happen inside your home. It was important that the new site design reflected this position, with a focus on lifestyle benefits rather than technical jargon or boring product shots.

As part of our concept testing, I developed a prototype of my design which was presented to users in addition to a different concept prototype. The user research showed overwhelming favor for my concept, with very few revisions.

The new, fully redesigned site was launched in late 2013.

Project Details

Client — American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
Year — 2013
Credits — Rosetta
Website — Launch

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