VividFront Holiday Card 2012

VividFront Holiday Card 2012

VividFront Holiday Card, 2012

If you’ve ever had to work on the yearly company holiday card, you know it’s a challenging project. The goals are to remain on topic, be creative, and keep within budget – and I think this year’s card managed to nail all three.

The idea came from the shared experience of the holidays being hectic, rushed, and gone before you know it. I wanted to encourage taking a break each week of December to enjoy some of the little pleasures of the season – food, fun, friends, and cheer – before it’s over.

Originally, we had wanted to do an integrated holiday campaign that would make use of Google retargeting ads, showing not only creativity but also our marketing prowess. We would have a link to a landing page on the inside of the card that would insert a cookie into the visitor’s browser, and then ads corresponding with each week’s activity would be served as subtle reminders to step away from the screen and have fun.

We ended up abandoning this direction in the interest of getting the cards out early enough in the month to still have relevance. To that end, the individual cards for each week were instead printed on the back with an activity corresponding to the card’s message on the front.

How it was made:

Printed in-house… 

diecut in-house too.

Adhesive roller strips

Card inserts ordered online

Project Details

Client — VividFront
Year — 2012
Credits — Kendal Richer

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