Find Peace Holiday Print

Find Peace Holiday Print

Screen print conquers news print

At the height of the 2008 economic collapse and wars in the Middle East, I was tasked with creating a holiday card. Typical messages like “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings!” seemed hollow in the face of current events. The simple line “Find Peace” spoke to finding peace within, and without, despite everything happening in the world.

After the concept was approved, I illustrated the print and envelope and decided that it would have the most impact if it was printed on actual current events sections of the local paper. The paper was then printed and folded so you had to follow the bird’s tracks to get to the message inside – the final bird track making a peace symbol in the “i” of Find.

Production was carried out through extensive dialogue with various newspapers, a local screen printer, and custom envelope house.

Thankfully, the hard work paid off – the card was featured in HOW Magazine, awarded ADDY’s at the regional and national level, and received Judge’s Choice at the AIGA awards.

Project Details

Client — designRoom Creative
Year — 2008
Credits — Kendal Richer

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